Sex Addiction

“Former Buyers: Why and How They Stop – A Preliminary Study of Men with Long-Term Abstinence from Paying for Sex”

To download the pdf of the final report, click here: Former Buyers Final Report

To Download the pdf of the Appendices of the final report, click here: Appendices Former Buyers Final Report

Multi-Dimensional Therapy: Six Resources for Healing

“Options for Healing: Integrative Multi-Modality Therapy”, self-published, 2011
To download pdf, click here: Options for Healing

“Social Competencies: Six Pathways to Better Relationships” (by Emily Ruppert & Joel Ziff), self-published, 2002.
To download pdf, click here: Social Competencies

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Body Process

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Jewish Spirituality

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Everyone’s Picking on Me!! Marblehead Community Counseling Center, Marblehead, Massachusetts, 1978. (Teachers’ guide and curriculum to cope with problems of scapegoating and teasing).

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