Wellness Counseling – Chronic and Catastrophic Illness & Pain Management

As a result of advances in medical treatment, many diseases can now be treated successfully that were previously fatal. In addition, there are many more options, complementary and alternative treatments as well as conventional medical approaches.

Moreover, we now understand that we can take an active role in our own healing process. We have an innate capacity to become aware of dysfunctional, automatic, and unconscious habits that have contributed to or exacerbated our health problems. We can also become aware of habits that are constructive, that promote health and healing.

We can work to change those habits that are dysfunctional, strengthen those that are constructive, and discover new possibilities and options. These changes may result in a significant improvement or resolve the health issue. To the extent that it is not possible to achieve a cure, the changes we make are nonetheless healing. We can work to accept the reality of our situation, to maintain our quality of life, and to utilize the adversity as an opportunity to live to our fullest potential.

In my work with clients, we focus on six resources for healing – self-care behaviors, healthy relationships, body wisdom, emotional intelligence, open, flexible and creative mind, and spirituality. For further information, please click on this link: Six Resources for Healing

I have worked extensively to help people who have complex health issues that are not easily diagnosed or treated. Frequently, these individuals have multiple providers – conventional medical as well as complementary and alternative approaches. In these situations, I work to help clarify the variety of approaches and options as a basis for helping the person define and implement a clear and practical plan for treatment.

Services Provided

Pathways to Healing Assessment to clarify options for treatment for each of the six dimensions – self-care behaviors, healthy relationships, body wisdom, emotional intelligence, open, flexible and creative mind, and spirituality – as a basis for developing and implementing a treatment plan.

Individual, Couple, and Family Psychotherapy ongoing work to implement the treatment plan

Presentations, Workshops & Seminars for people with health issues providing an overview of the Six Resources for Healing as well as for working to develop and implement a treatment plan.

Programs for Health & Mental Health Care Practitioners

Presentations providing an overview of the six resources for healing.

Workshops, Seminars, and Consultation on utilizing the six resources for healing to assess strengths, deficits, and dysfunctions, to clarify options for work with patients as a basis for developing, implementing and refining a treatment plan.