Do I Have a Sex Addiction?

If you answer ‘yes’ to three of more of these questions, you may have a sex addiction.

Lack of control – Are you doing things that you do not want to be doing?

Persistent for a long time – Have you been out of control over a long period of time?

Can’t stop – Have you been unable to stop these behaviors even though you have had problems because of them – social, legal, financial, physical?

Loss of time – Are you losing significant amounts of time doing and/or recovering from doing these behaviors?

Obsessing – Are you obsessing about these behaviors or as a result of these behaviors?

Interfering with your life – Are these behaviors interfering with work, school, family, and friends?

Lying & Secrets – Are you hiding your behaviors from others, living a double life?

Violating your own values – Are you engaging in behaviors that you do not want to be doing because they violate your sense of integrity?

Escalation – Have the behaviors escalated, becoming more frequent, more risky, and/or more intense?

Losses – Have you lost, limited or sacrificed valued parts of life such as hobbies, family, relationships and work?

Withdrawal – If you attempt to stop these behaviors, do you experience considerable distress, anxiety, restlessness, irritability and/or physical discomfort?

If you answer ‘yes’ to three of more of the above questions, you may have a sex addiction problem.