Individual, Couple, Child, and Family Psychotherapy

I work with individuals, couples, children and families with a variety of symptoms and issues including:

  • Mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar
  • Difficulties with impulse control and regulating emotions including phobias, fears, anger management, shame, guilt, grief, etc.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Relational issues with spouse, children, extended family, friends and colleagues
  • Work related issues including coping with job loss or change, difficulties with colleagues, employees or supervisors, clarifying one’s professional and personal goals and implementing plans to make changes
  • Child and family issues – the changing roles and tasks of families with young children, adolescents, and young adults through the stages of the family life cycle
  • Intimacy issues and marital conflicts with spouse/partner
  • Divorce, step-family, and blended-family issues
  • Seniors’ issues: retirement and aging – coping with loss and changes in daily life, developing a vision for a optimal quality of life, clarifying goals and implementing them
  • Spiritual and existential crises
  • Coping with loss and grief
  • Addictions including alcohol and substance abuse as well as those related to food, money, computer use, and other activities of normal life that become compulsive
  • Sexually addictive behaviors – click on this link for more information: Sexually Addictive Behaviors
  • Chronic and catastrophic illness – click on this link for more information: Chronic and Catastrophic Illness.

I view the therapeutic process as a collaboration in which we work together to understand the issues, to clarify your goals and the options for achieving them, including one or more of the six resources for healing.Based on that assessment, we will develop and implement a specific, practical plan. For more information on the six resources, click on this link: Six Resources for Healing.