Sex Addiction Treatment Services

I provide the following services for individuals facing the challenge of problematic sexual or relationship behavior:

Treatment for Individuals

Individual Sex Addiction Assessment

I’ll help you assess the extent to which problematic behavior is due to:

  • Situational stressors
  • Underlying mental health issues – disorders related to mood (anxiety, depression, bipolar), attention (ADD), trauma (PTSD), etc.
  • Sex addiction

The assessment begins with an initial one hour meeting, but may require several subsequent sessions. Based on the assessment, we will discuss options for treatment.

Individual treatment for sex addiction and intimacy disorders

We’ll meet regularly to focus on helping you:

  • Become honest about your behaviors,
  • Clarify your goals for healthy intimate relationships,
  • Achieve abstinence from unhealthy behaviors,
  • Improve self-care,
  • Address underlying mental health issues,
  • Repair damage – to your intimate relationship and relationships with your children, as well as problems regarding work, money, friends, extended family, etc, and
  • Work to clarify and achieve your vision of a healthy life.
Therapy groups for sex addiction

Group sessions provide a safe, supportive community of peers where you can speak honestly about topics that you may not feel safe or comfortable sharing with family or friends. You learn from the experience of others and can also be a resource for others.

The focus of the groups include:

  • Honestly sharing your thoughts, feelings, urges and behaviors,
  • Listening deeply and empathically to others,
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback,
  • Setting boundaries in relationships with others as well as respecting boundaries set by others
  • Accountability and support in maintaining and refining one’s program of recovery.
  • Working on specific tasks of recovery to be defined individually by each participant in the group. As part of this process, you will make specific commitments to ‘homework’ assignments to present in the group.
  • Developing social competencies – The relationships with others in the group provide a safe environment for you to develop your capacity for communicating and listening, for assertiveness and responsiveness, for giving and receiving support, for leading and following, and for collaborative problem solving and conflict resolution.

I offer three psychotherapy groups for sex addiction:
True Grit – Monday mornings – 8-10 am, twice monthly
Hope & Recovery – Tuesday evenings – 5-7 pm, three times monthly
Next Steps – Wednesday mid-day – 11 am-1 pm, three times monthly
Answers in the Heart – Wednesday evenings – 6-8 pm, three times monthly

If you are interested in joining a group, please schedule an individual appointment to discuss your goals. If you decide to join the group, you’ll try it once, and then decide if you want to join. If you do, you are then responsible for payment for the series of groups (4-6 months depending upon the group).

Assessment & Treatment for Couples

Couple Assessment

I’ll work with you and your partner to figure out if and how you can repair your relationship after severe violations due to problematic sexual behaviors. The assessment begins with an initial one hour meeting, but may require several subsequent sessions. Based on the assessment, we will discuss options for treatment, both for immediate next steps, and long term tasks.

Couple Treatment
While it’s difficult to heal your relationship from the impact of problematic sexual behavior it is possible to heal. The stages of couple treatment include:

  1. Crisis Management
  2. Individual Foundations for Recovery & Healing
  3. Couple Foundations for Recovery & Healing
    1. Trust building & accountability agreements
    2. Developing relationship skills
  4. Formal Disclosure & Relationship Repair Process
    1. Healing the wounds of the past & building a foundation for the future
    2. Goal setting and Commitment to next steps – making the decision to work to repair the relationship or to end
  5. Individual Family of Origin and Trauma Therapy – Resolving underlying issues with regard to impact on couple/family relationships
  6. Couple Relationship Renewal
    1. Chronic, unresolved couple issues – decision-making, finances, life-style, parenting, relationships with extended family, etc.
    2. Renewing physical and sexual intimacy
    3. Couple re-commitment process